Wide Stangs Out In The Wild

Widebody builds makes your mustang low and wide, giving it the look of the beast mid-pounce. It’s the kind of aggressive performance look that a lot of enthusiasts are drawn to. The widebody allows for a widened wheelbase. Essentially, you get more rubber under your car without upsetting the aerodynamics of the Mustang’s body design. It’s also a lot harder to roll in a widebody. The beast looking wide aesthetic still draws a lot of enthusiasts interested in customizing the look of their vehicle. For many, it’s about the kind of aesthetic shift a widebody creates, changing a car from nose to tailpipe.

When it comes to customising your car with wide body in India, too many questions pops up in ones head. Will the fitment be perfect? Will the tyres squick the fenders? Is the FRP material good enough for India Conditions? How wide a particular car can go? Will the car be reliable? Mustang Parts are widely available around the globe, however when it comes to body kits, sourcing it from the right supplier is crucial.

Well, auto customisers have made the wide body fitment on vehicles successful around the world, we made it successful in India on our client's Ford Mustang GT. We have successfully completed the NFS and ROBOT inspired wide body kit fitment in 2019. In addition, no doubt the wide body stangs do stand out on the roads providing them more aggressive and muscular looks.

ARBSTANG: The NFS Aggression

The following parts were included the NFS Style wide body Kit:

  • Front Wide Fenders (45 MM Wide) + Front Bumper Wide Extenders X 2

  • Rear Wide Fenders (80 MM Wide) + Rear Bumper Wide Extenders X 2

  • Front Spacers 40 MM X 2

  • Rear Spacers 70 MM X 2 ( On stock wheels)

  • Body Sealant X 4

Front wide fenders were direct replacement against stock fenders. So that was straight forward to fit. With immense attention to details, our body shop technicians did spot on alignment between the new wide fenders and the doors. The front rims are equipped with 40 MM spacers.

Similarly, the rear wide fender extenders with fitted with body sealant. The goal was to fit it in such a way that they should appear as if they were fender extenders. Since the car is equipped with stock rims ( Customer considered changing the rims to 11 J later) we had to install 70 MM wide spacers in the rear ( If 10.5-11J wide rims are installed then we recommend using 35-40 MM spacers).

No doubt, even with the best quality kit the fitment was challenging. In addtional, paint job has to be pin point perfect. Even with high quality FRP Material there are high chances that the color with slightly mismatch. Our body shop technicians are well experienced enough to balance out the precisions.

This furious wide Mustang is complemented with the below mentioned products which makes it even more muscular:

Corsa Perforamance Catback System

INDtuning Carbon Fiber Quad Pipe Diffuser

INDtuning Carbon Fiber Rocket Bunny Wing with Custom CNC Brackets

After Few weeks , we started working on our second wide mustang build. This Grey mustang wide body Mustang from Mumbai is equipped with ROBOT Style wide body and could be the most menacing looking.

The ROBOT Wide body kit includes the below mentioned parts:

  • Front Lip ( Customer prefer to keep its existing APR Front Lip)

  • Front 50MM Wide Fenders X 2

  • Side Skirts X 2

  • Rear 80 MM Wide Fenders X 2

  • Rear Fender Bumper Fitment X 2

  • Trunk Lip Spoiler ( Customer prefer to keep its existing Roush Lip spoiler

  • Rear Diffuser

The fitment process with this car was smooth and easy going since our learning curve was achieved with our first wide body build. Utmost care was taken while doing the parts fitment with sealant and while doing the paint job; the goal was to maintain the reliability of the parts.

Instagram of NFS Mustang Owner: @arbaaz.sameer

ROBOT Mustang Owner: @viral1972

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