Porsche 911 GT3 conversion with Robust FI Exhaust

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

How to make your road raging Porsche Carrera S 911.1 stand out from the rest? Our Client from Hyderabad, a crazy motorsport enthusiasts handed over his Porsche 911 for some unique make over. Our team and client was very interested in doing India's first GT3 conversion. For him, the quality and reliability of parts matters a lot. Therefore, we put our best suppliers in this project to supply us the necessary parts needed for the conversion.

The list of parts Includes:

Porsche GT3 Front Bumpers (After Market)

Porsche GT3 Front Bumper DRL (Genuine)

Porsche GT3RS Front Fenders (Aftermarket)

Porsche GT3RS Rear Wing (Aftermarket)

Porsche GT3 Rear Bumper (Aftermarket)

Optional GT3 Modifications available ( Currently not done on this car)

GT3RS Rear Wing Spoiler

Weissach Hood

Since the aftermarket parts were of Fiber Glass, our bodywork department played a crucial role in aligning the parts to its right fitment. The fiberglass was very well premiered with our Glasurit Line 90 paint line (to avoid any pores leftover) and painted finely by our bodywork technicians.

Additional Mods done on this Car: Frequency Intelligent Catback Exhaust System and BMC Replacement Air Filter.

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