Brabus XL 850 Widestar Based On GLS63 AMG

Brabus- the perfect combination of brutal power and elegant optical tuning. The world’s largest tuning house for the 3-pointed premium star company, Mercedes, has come a long way from creating luxury sedans including one of the fastest Limousines in the world, to creating beasts like the Invicto. Although expensive, Brabus makes it a point to please its customers with its commendable work. Especially with the brilliant cosmetic modifications like low profile spoilers, bodykits, carbon fiber splitters multi-piece alloy wheels and other mad upgrades like racing LSDs, twelve-piston disc brakes and engine remapping it is almost impossible to beat Brabus at what it does.

As we all know that the Mercedes GLS63 AMG is a looker from every angle, we at Sushila Autotechnik had the privilege of customizing this behemoth SUV by adding a Brabus Style Body Kit.

The Kit includes the following parts:

  • Front Carbon Fiber Lip to give it a more aggressive and distinctive face in addition with the DRL

  • Muscular Fender flares that add about 3 inches to the overall width of the car

  • Bumper Flares that are molded with front and rear bumpers with tailor made extensions

  • An aggressive Carbon Fiber diffuser to add to aesthetics with two dual tips ceramic coated brabus style tailpipes

  • The Brabus roof spoiler adds to the overall look of the car

After this comes the actual job of glamming the beast up, i.e installation of the parts. The installation of these body parts was not a cakewalk. However, our team with immense attention to details installed the body kit with the end product resulting in a finish as if it was straight out from the factory.

The alignment of the Carbon fiber Lip on front bumpers had to be spot on. Our body shop technicians made sure that the body flares and the bumpers were bonded and installed perfectly

As these vehicles are capable of attaining high speeds we had to make sure the fitment was flawless with no margin for error.

Every possible care was taken for the fitment to be perfect and for painting the parts so as to avoid paint mismatch which resulted in an immaculate end product.

Performance Upgrades

On this SUV we did a custom exhaust allowing for a freer flow and a mean sounding exhaust note. Along with the custom exhaust we suggested the customer to opt for a stage 1 tune to extract a bit more juice from this mighty M157 engine along with some pops and crackles.

We were immensely proud of the finished product and it sure does give you a savage feeling every time you lift-off your throttle.

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