AMG GTR Conversion with Renntech Carbon and Etuners Stage 2

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

At Sushila Autotechnik, we are always up for a unique customization of sports cars. Here, we present you the most stunning conversion of Mercedes Benz AMG GTS to GT-R. Even though customizing options are limited on this car, we wanted to provide to make this car reliable street driven performance car. Even though there were numerous aftermarket option available, we recommended our client Mercedes Benz Genuine and OEM branded parts.

The following are the list of parts required for Mercedes Benz AMG GTS- GT-R Conversion.

AMG GT-R Front Bumper (Genuine)

AMG GT-R Front Bumper Panoramic Grill (Genuine)

AMG GT-R Front Bumper Brackets (Genuine)

AMG GTR Front Bumper Skeleton (Genuine)

AMG GT-R Front Bumper Vents and Fitments (Genuine)

AMG GT-R Front Bumper MB Star Logo (Genuine)

Other Optional parts available for complete conversion:

AMG GT-R Wheel Housing

AMG GT-R Wide Fenders

AMG GT-R Front bumpers are 20 MM Wider than the AMG GTS stock bumper. Therefore, it needs wider fender. Even though there was an option to buy a Genuine AMG GT-R Fender, we ensure our client that our body work experts can do in-house job of fender widening.

Other upgrades done on this car:

Renntech Carbon Fiber Rear Wing

Renntech Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

Frequency Intelligent Downpipes

E-tuners Motorsports Stage 2 Remaps ( Output: 680 HP/ 900 NM Torque)

A Small glimpse of how AMG GTS sounds with Frequency Intelligent Exhaust Downpipe.

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